About Leafully

Our goal with Leafully is to help you understand your energy habits and make smart choices with your usage. We believe with better information, you'll be able to make more better choices with your energy usage.

Leafully connects with your utility to provide you with regular energy reports and easy to understand visualizations. Leafully also helps you make a difference with your footprint by helping you purchase renewable energy.

Keeping You Informed

Leafully monitors and learns how you use energy. Each week, we'll send you a weekly summary to let you know how you've been using energy. When we notice something abnormal in the week, we'll send you an alert. Staying on top of your energy usage takes little effort once you connect your utility with us.

Measuring Your Footprint

Energy bills can be complicated and Leafully helps simplify your usage to something everyone can relate to, a tree. Leafully measures your energy in the number of trees it takes to offset the carbon produced by the energy you use. The average American requires over 200 trees to offset their energy consumption. Conserving energy not only saves money but helps reduce the load on our environment.

Supporting Renewable Energy

The biggest way to impact your footprint is to source your energy from clean, renewable sources. Leafully helps with this by allowing you to purchase renewable energy certificates to match your energy usage. These certificates are claims to the renewable energy produced on the grid, directly supporting renewable generation.

Awards and Green Button

Leafully is the award-winning application from the US Department of Energy's Apps for Energy competition. We support Green Button, a White House led initiative to utility data more accessible to people. We believe with open data, residents can make better use of the information through applications like Leafully.